Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What is a green wedding anyway?

Green weddings used to be alternative or "hippie" weddings. Today, weddings with eco friendly touches are becoming more popular with mainstream couples. Environmentally conscious couples are choosing to incorporate green aspects into all parts of their big day to help the earth and often their pocket book.
So you ask, how do I "green" my wedding. Here are some easy ways to make your wedding a more sustainable event.

eco wedding centerpiece
eco wedding favor

  1. Part of having a green wedding is conserving resources, which means re-using items like wedding dresses, vintage wedding rings and eclectic decorations, as well as saving money because you will not be purchasing items just for the wedding. For example comprise your centerpieces of items you will later use in your home or gift to your bridal party and let your bridesmaid pick out their own dress that they will truly wear again.
  2. Support green businesses that will work with you on your wedding specifics. Pick vendors who have the same eco goals as you; a caterer who uses locally grown produce, planner who drives a low fuel, hybrid, or electric vehicle, a photographer who uses eco friendly materials for your prints.
  3. Lastly, you will be able to educate others on why having a green wedding is beneficial to everyone. Why not use your big day to contribute to the greater good?
Not only will you be saving energy, conserving resources and decreasing pollution for the environment but your guests will see that a green wedding can be just as beautiful, maybe more beautiful, than a regular wedding.
Take the Cake Events is becoming a certified green wedding planner through Green Bride Guide. Check back for more blogs on how to add a little green to your big day.

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