Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inside the life of a wedding planner: Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Secrets of a wedding planner: As your wedding day approaches it is totally normal to have some degree of panic about the big day. Will everything go as planned? What will happen that I am not prepared for? One way to combat some of these fears is to have a wedding day emergency kit with everything you could possibly need. Below is a list of items that we include for our brides on their wedding day.

  1. Mouthwash. Way faster than brushing your teeth. It can give you that refreshed feeling any time throughout the night.
  2. Flip flops. No matter how comfortable your wedding shoes are, it is always good to have a backup.
  3. Tide pen. Just in case you get something on your dress. Be very careful if your dress isn't white though.
  4. Double sided tape, safety pins, and a needle and thread. These items can fix just about any dress emergency for you, your bridesmaids, or your groom.
  5. Deodorant. You may want to reapply after stressing and hugging a bunch of people.
  6. Asprin and Benadryl. You may have underestimated the pollen.
  7. Bandaids and Mole Skin. Maybe you aren't quite ready for those flip flops but you can feel a blister coming on.
  8. Period Supplies. Inevitably someone in your bridal party will need these unexpectedly.
  9. A small iron. Nothing dries a wet dress like an iron.
Our emergency kit contains doubles of most of these items and much more, but this are the essentials you need. We can carry around a huge box of supplies, but unless you have a coordinator to deal with it, you don't need to.

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