Friday, March 22, 2013

Eco-friendly Wedding Invitation

Traditionally, most wedding invitations arrive at the door dressed in layer upon layer of unnecessary paper. Luckily you don't have to give up sending your guests a beautiful invitation to be environmentally friendly. Instead of an elaborate invitation with inserts, vellum, and inner envelopes, create a smaller invitation or forget using paper entirely. 

1. Use recycled paper and soy based inks.
An elegant paper invitation is still possible by using post consumer waste paper and soy based inks. Post consumer waste paper is paper that has reached its "end use". You can also make your own paper if you have the time and creativity. If you want something really unique, try using invitations made from cotton, leaves, shells or fabric. All of these items can be crushed and pressed into paper alternatives.

2. Plantable Invitations
These invitations are made with unique papers embedded with wildflower seeds and printed with natural soy inks. After your guests mark your big day on their calendar they can plant the paper directly in the ground and grow flowers. These papers are great to use for favors too.

3. Virtual Invitations
How will people react to a virtual invitation? If they know your stance on the environment, they will admire you for choosing this avenue. Sites like Paperless Post offer beautiful virtual invitations like you have never seen before. Use virtual Save the Dates and paper invitations if all virtual seems like too much.

4. Blog
Start a blog to announce your engagement and carry it through to announce parties, wedding date and time, etc, until the wedding. Each guest will be able to keep up to date with what is happening. Lastly, you can do a webcast or YouTube video if you are adventurous. Of course you will have to contact some people by phone if they do not use the internet often, but more and more guests become internet savvy each year.

As I always say, it isn't all or nothing. If everyone made an effort to add a couple green elements to their big day, the impact would be great!

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