Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The best place to compile ideas for your wedding and life - Pinterest!

I recently started using to create wedding inspiration boards. It is a great site that allows you to pin things you like online to boards. As I am browsing wedding web sites I can add images to my boards. Then I can reference the boards later when I need inspiration. I categorize my boards by theme, but use whatever works for you. Once you get the hang of pinning, you can easily add any inspiration you find on the web to corresponding boards.

As you meet with vendors, you can simply show them your Pinterest wedding board to convey the feeling of your event and what you are going for. No need to cut pages out of wedding magazines or rummage through screen shots on your phone.

Pinterest is also available as an app for Apple products. I find it is easier to use on a computer though.

How to view my Pinterest inspiration boards
Pinterest only allows members to view other members boards. Signing up with Pinterest is simple and requires little time.

Are you currently a member of Pinterest?
Just click here and follow any boards that interest you.

Not a member of Pinterest?
Pinterest requires you to have an invite to sign up. Click here and say you want a Pinterest invite in the body of the email. I will send you an invite.  Then you can view and follow my boards.

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