Monday, January 9, 2012

Rent your tuxes from a local shop to ensure the perfect product

As some of you may know, in addition to planning weddings for my clients I am also planning my own wedding. With about a month to go we are finishing up all of the final details including fitting our men for tuxes. I have been so pleased with my experience with Reno Tux Shop.

All of my past experiences with large national changes have resulted in ill fitting tuxedos at best and damaged ones at worst. It makes me wonder why they measure at all. After working with Reno Tux Shop, I feel very confident that they will provide the perfect tuxes for my wedding. To ensure this, they allow our men to come in the week of the event to try on the tuxes. If anything isn't perfect they can exchange it for the correct size before the event.

Reno Tux Shop is a locally owned business that works with a national distributor (Jim's Formal Wear) to supply a large variety of options. They have everything you could possibly want. Reno Tux Shop is located in The Victorian House at 216 Stewart Street, Reno, Nevada. I feel so lucky to have a locally owned reliable tuxedo rental option in Reno and can't wait to see all of the men of my wedding party in their tuxes.

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