Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is the perfect way to have cake without the guilt? Mini Cupcakes!

I recently said I would supply the dessert for an upcoming baby shower, but how do you pick a dessert for a bunch of women on their post holiday diets? I immediately thought of Tiers of Joy Wedding and Celebration Cakes, but I was worried that the baby shower guests would refuse their spectacular cake creation because of new low cal dietary restrictions.

The ladies of Tiers of Joy helped me decide to order 45 mini cupcakes for the roughly 30 guests instead of a cake or regular sized cupcakes. The mini cupcakes are small enough to be guilt free, but decadent enough to really enjoy. My favorite is the champagne cake with caramel cashew topping. The hint of saltiness balances the sweet frosting perfectly.

All of the creations from Tiers of Joy are baked from scratch using the freshest ingredients. I have been lucky enough to try many of their unique and traditional flavors and I can say they are all great. I suspect that the women at the shower will enjoy their first mini cupcake so much that they will return for a second.

I have to admit, two mini cupcakes feel more fulfilling and less fat inducing than one slice of cake. Who cares if it is true?

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