Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3 Months til your wedding? Are you on track?

Three months before your wedding you are probably wondering if you are really on track and if your wedding day will ever come. Never fear, the wedding process can be a long one, but it is all worth it in the end. Wedding checklists can be overwhelming and long, so below are a couple things you should be doing roughly 3 months before your wedding.

Just a joke of course. He went through with it.

3 Month Wedding Checklist
  1. Make sure the bridesmaids have purchased their attire and double check when it will arrive.
  2. Purchase your wedding bands and have them engraved if you choose
  3. Purchase or rent any ceremony and reception items; aisle runner, favors, centerpiece elements not supplied by your florist, flower girl and ring bearer accessories, etc.
  4. Get groom measured for his tux. Unless he is like many women I know and attempting to lose weight before the big day. Then you can wait a bit.
  5. Purchase groom's accessories; shoes, socks (novelty socks are all the rage, my husband's had squirrels on them), pocket square, cufflinks, etc.
  6. Arrange day of transportation for you and your bridal party. Even if it is just deciding who will be driving, it is good to know.
If those were all no brainers, then you are right on schedule. If not, don't stress, you still have some time. And if you find that you are getting more stressed than you'd like, it is never too late to hire a day of wedding coordinator. Most wedding planners are happy to step in at any part of the planning process to help you tie up loose ends and oversee the big day. Good luck and check back for more wedding checklists and tips.

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