Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One of the most customizable venues in Reno Tahoe: Tannenbaum

The first place most couples start after their engagement is location. If you choose to have your wedding in Reno or Tahoe, Tannenbaum should be at the top your list of venues to tour. Beyond the beautiful location, I have found that Tannenbaum is one of the most flexible and customizable venues in the area.

Tannenbaum is situated amid the Sierra Nevada mountains, but still easily accessible from Reno and Tahoe allowing you and your guests many options for accommodations and pre and post wedding activities. This mid mountain location provides some of the most beautiful and unique views in the area.

You don't find a wedding backdrop like this everyday.

The beauty is enough to convince many couple that this is the perfect location for their big day, but as a wedding planner I truly value the flexibility of Tannenbaum. Everything from food to ceremony location can be customized to fit your desires and budget. You can choose your own caterer to provide the perfect style of cuisine within your price range; Upgrade linens, indoor and outdoor decor, and lighting to attain your vision; and move your ceremony to pretty much any location on the property you desire. The Tannenbaum truly allows it's clients to make the venue the perfect match for their event.

The rustic grand entrance to Tannenbaum.

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