Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thunderbird Lodge Lake Tahoe

The Thunderbird Lodge is Lake Tahoe's hidden gem. Tucked between towering pine trees and down a winding road is one of the most captivating and beautiful properties at the lake. The best part about all of this? It is available for weddings!

For years the Thunderbird Lodge was inhabited by care takers and not open to the public, but within the last decade the property has become a National Historic Site available for tours and private events.

The lawn between the historic main house and the lake is a breathtaking ceremony site and a modern indoor addition can be used for receptions up to 90 people. This way your guests get the allure of history and the comforts of modernity.

The Thunderbird Lodge limits the number of weddings each summer because of the historical nature of the property, so contact them in advance to reserve your date.

This photo doesn't look real, but this is the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the Thunderbird Lodge.

No description or photo can possibly convey the beauty of this spectacular site. I truly think every Lake Tahoe girl dreams of being wed at this beautiful property and now you can too.

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