Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make a great wedding website!

Congratulations! You are going to get married. Now how are you going to tell everyone all of the info about your big day?

Send out Save the Date Announcements with your wedding website address on them. Below are some tips on what you absolutely must have on your website and the best places to create one.

Must Haves
  1. Suggested attire. Will women be walking on grass or sand? Is there a chance it might get too hot or cold? Everyone will appreciate your guidance.
  2. Accommodation recommendations. Even if you are not providing your guests with a room block give them some ideas of close places to stay in varied price ranges.
  3. Directions to ceremony and reception sites. Put links to google maps so no one will be lost on your big day.
  4. Your registry. Most stores provide links so guests can buy your gifts online and ship them straight to your residence.
  5. Parking. Unless there is a parking lot right in front of your venue, it is good to let guests know where to park. Often times street parking is free or non metered on weekends and evenings, but guests won't know unless you tell them.
  6. Contact information. Give guests someone to contact in case they have more questions; preferably not the bride. Pick someone who knows what is going on, but won't be too busy to deal with questions. Let your wedding planner field the inquiries. 
  7. Something sentimental. Write something about how you met, got engaged, or your plans for the future.

  1. Get the site up asap. The information can be updated as the big day approaches, but guests should at least be able to view your wedding date and location. This will help them plan days off and travel arrangements.
  2. Only put information you are sure about on the website. If something is not set in stone, don't put it up.
  3. Don't let this stress you out. The wedding website is there to give your guests extra info about your wedding, not to give you one more item on your long list of to dos. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece. Just get the info up and move on.

Free Wedding Websites
All three of these have easy to use templates and are completely free.
Wedding Wire Free Wedding Website
The Knot Free Wedding Website
My Wedding Free Wedding Website

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