Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to make your invitation dreams a reality

I am lucky enough to work with Jessica from The Stylish Scribe on a regular basis. She creates beautiful custom wedding invitations, stationary, and just about anything you could need created by a printer. There are a couple questions that come up often when discussing her work with my clients, so I figured I would answer them here.

stylish scribe wedding stationary

Hope this is helpful to anyone looking for wedding invites or stationary products.

1. What is the typical turn around time from final draft to invites in hand?

Once the final draft is approved by the client and needs no further revision, products should arrive in 2-3 weeks. Depending on the product it may arrive sooner, but it is best to leave at least 3 weeks before you need them.
2. How do you turn a clients expensive dream into a budget friendly reality?
When a client comes to me with an example of what they want that costs upwards of $5 each and their budget is $3 each I work with them to determine what they like most about what they showed me. For example, a letterpress pocket fold invite with 4 inserts and a die cut will be expensive. After talking about it, it may turn out that the client really likes the pocket and doesn't care as much about the other things. I try to get all of the aspects they want within their budget. 
3. What do your clients like most about your business?
Customization, every aspect of every design can be customized. Anything can be in any color. Clients can see all of the details from different examples come together in front of them.

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