Friday, March 8, 2013

Paper Flower Written Tutorial

Step by step instructions that correspond with this video on how to make paper flowers.

You will need:
Scrapbook paper (or some other decorative paper like pages from your favorite book)
Bendable wire
Wire cutters (if your wire is too thick to be cute with scissors)
Hot glue gun and glue
A couple QTips

1. Begin with a strip of paper roughly 4 inches in width and 12 inches long (scrapbook paper comes in 12 inch squares so this size works best to start out, but you can change the size to make different size flowers)
2. Fold the 4 inch corner of the paper and cut where you folded it over as shown below.

3. Fold triangle in half two more times to create a folded triangle 1/4 of the size of your original triangle.
4. Cut petal shape and tip as shown below.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 two more times to leave you with 3 folded petal shapes.
6. Unfold triangles. You should have 3 petal shapes like below.
7. Cut petals along fold lines as shown below.
8. Curl round cut petal ends away from the printed side of the paper with QTip.
9. Bend the end of your wire to a 45 degree angle.
10. Hot glue the cut edges of each petal together to create 6 cup shapes. The smaller 1 and 2 petal sections should just be rolled to create the center of the flower. The QTip can help roll the centers.
11. Place the wire through the hole in the largest 7 petal section. Glue the bent part down to the paper with the hot glue.
12. Glue each petal cup to the wired one in order. 6 petal to the 7 petal, 5 petal to the 6 and 7 petal part, and so on. The glue will not be visible in the end product so use a lot to make sure they will stay stuck.
13. The End.

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