Friday, May 24, 2013

Why should you hire Take the Cake Event Planning?

Though our packages range greatly from full planning and design to day of coordination, each includes the points below. This is what we are about and why we are the best fit for your event and wedding planning needs.

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  1. You know who you are getting. Both Pattye and Cassie are present at every wedding always.
  2. Checklist stress relief. Each month we send an email with that month's tasks to help you stay focused and keep any potential anxiety over the huge list ahead under control. 
  3. Vendor knowledge. We have worked with and know tons of vendors so we have personal knowledge of who might be right for your wedding or event. Not only can we pinpoint who is in your price range and possibly negotiate a better deal, but also recommend vendors who we think you will mesh well with personally. This is not to say you have to use our recommendations. Clients often choose other vendors and we are happy to work with them too.
  4. It's not personal. A family member or friend may take your objections personally, but this is our business so we have a unique outsiders perspective. Feel free to use us as an excuse to do things the way you like, a la "The planner said this was the best way to do it".
  5. You never have to apologize to us. We will never judge you or think your actions are irrational. Wedding planning is probably the most stressful time in your life and we have been through this many times before with many clients and you and your family probably aren't the craziest we've seen. Don't worry about us.
  6. We have done this before. From the day you book us until your wedding you can email, text, or call with any questions you have about literally anything. Take advantage of our experience and ask everything, big or small.
  7. Nothing to do on the big day. There will be literally nothing for you to do on your wedding day other than get yourself ready and enjoy. We will take care of everything.
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