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3 things you don't need at your wedding: Confessions of a wedding planner

No matter how many weddings we do, we are always learning. Every so often a couple will come up with something we have never heard of or do things in a new unique way. From all this experience we get a good idea of what works and doesn't. Weddings are expensive and we want to help you get the most out of the money you are spending.

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Here are 3 things you really don't need at your wedding because they usually end up in a box going back home with you and recommendations on how to make them work if you really want them.

  1. Favors: Unless it is something edible that you put directly in front of your guest at their place setting, favors go to waste. When we coordinate weddings we do our best to distribute favors to guests as they leave the reception and ensure that they pick up ones at the table, but we often still end up with tons at the end of the night. I can only imagine how few get picked up when you don't have a planner reminding every guest as they leave. If you still want to give our favors, make them edible.
  2. Programs: Programs let your guests get acquainted with the bridal party and usually describe the flow of the wedding. It doesn’t matter if the programs are handed out or placed on each ceremony chair, they are usually left behind at the end of the ceremony. Meaning your guest looked at it for 30 minutes max and then it got tossed aside. We would suggest using programs only if they will be doing double-duty, such as a fan for outdoor weddings.
  3. Bubbles: They can be very pretty at the end of the ceremony or at a end of night send off, but unless someone is coordinating the bubble blowing, it usually does not go according to plan. If you want a great bubble shot, make sure your photographer or coordinator is ready to wrangle your guests into doing it. No matter what, if you buy 100 containers of bubbles you are taking home 80 or more.
Think about the weddings you have attended and what stands out. We hope these words of wisdom will help you in your decisions in the wedding planning process.

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