Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Can your IPhone DJ your wedding?

To use an IPhone, IPod, etc to DJ your wedding or not?

When attempting to stay within a strict wedding budget music usually comes into the conversation early. Do you really have to pay a DJ $2000 for one night? Can a friend do it? Can it be completely pre set on your phone? Over the years of wedding planning we have experience just about every possible DJ scenario and here are our thoughts.

1. IPhones Electronic music options like IPhones can work if, and only if, you have a designated person to run it and fix any problems that might occur. It sounds silly, but electronics always seem to malfunction mid wedding. They do things they have never done before like play The Hustle every 3 songs. Someone needs to be assigned to deal with these issues. Some venues will allow you to plug into their audio systems while others will require you to bring your own speakers.

2. DJ Friends It is difficult to enjoy yourself at a wedding you are also working. Your DJ/sound person will need to be available to hand off the mic for toasts amid dinner, announce cake cutting, and keep the dancing going without really being able to have fun themselves. It is best if your DJ isn't actually a friend that would be invited to the wedding. A sort of friend, who also DJs, can deliver a great service for an inexpensive price without feeling like they are missing the party, but an uncle, who also DJs, might miss the ceremony because he is setting up his sound equipment or have to get up in the middle of dinner to fix the mics. We want everyone to have fun, including your working friends.

3. Discount DJ As with any low priced vendor, you are taking a bit of a risk. If your DJ is priced much lower than anyone else and doesn't have a good reason (new to the business, doesn't usually do weddings, is a friend) be weary. We coordinated a wedding where the discount DJ had mostly good reviews, but was difficult to contact all along. He ended up cancelling 3 days before the wedding and we had to scramble to find a replacement. Check with other vendors and your venue to see what they think of a discount DJ you are interested in. Often times they can give you great insight not found on traditional wedding rating sites.

4. Professional DJ Professional DJs who do many weddings and events know how to keep the party going. They keep people dancing all night and direct them to games and events planned without problem. If you are interested in a DJ that seems to expensive, don't be afraid to talk to them about it. Maybe they can give you a reduced hour package or send a less experienced member of their team. Hiring a professional DJ will ensure that your wedding reception runs smoothly and that guests have a great time.

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