Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paper Flower Bouquet Tutorial - Start to Finish

Every bride needs a bouquet and it is a great opportunity to add a custom element to your big day. Non floral (or partial floral) bouquets are a fun project to add a personal touch to any wedding in addition to being cost effective.

Paper Flowers are a great DIY option for those of you that don't envision yourself holding a bushel of flowers. They take time to assemble, but you will end up with a one of a kind keepsake to display in your home. Just budget your time accordingly. I typically make 3 or 4 flowers per day. That way I don't get bored, but it only takes 5 or 6 days to have enough flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

Best of luck to you. And remember, they are flowers so they don't need to be perfect, they will get better as you go, and have fun!

Paper Flower Tutorial
Step by Step written tutorial

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  1. what would be the average cost of a full paper flower bouquet?

    1. I spent $20 on a huge book of scrapbook paper of which I only used maybe 1/8. I also spent $10 on a big spool of bendable wire. So I spent $30, but had lots of supplies left over for future projects.