Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to make your Wedding Planning Personality work for you

What is your Wedding Planning Personality and how do you make it work for you? Wedding planning can be amazingly stressful and bring out or accentuate personality traits you may not be used to working with in you and your partner.

Make your wedding planning personality work for you

Which question below is the first question or most persistent question you think of when you are planning your wedding?

How will I enjoy our wedding when I am so focused on the details and making everything right? See #1

How do I make our wedding day beautiful? See #2

How do I make our wedding day affordable? See #3

Where do I begin? See #4

Personality Types

1. Planner
Has a vision for the day and a good idea how to make it happen, but anxious that they will be too concerned with making everything right that they won't be able to enjoy it.

2. Functional
Great at budgeting and making decisions, but unsure about how to make it look pretty. You haven't been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl.

3. Visionary
Lots of ideas and creativity, but not so great at budgeting and making final decisions. Pinterest is your best friend and worst enemy.

4. Perplexed
Lots of ideas, but little direction on how to make a wedding happen.

Identifying your Wedding Planning Personality can help you and your partner communicate better throughout the planning process and choose which professionals will be of most use to you.

How to choose vendors that will work best with your personality type?
How to work with two different Wedding Planning Personalities to reduce your partner's stress?

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