Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Working with two different Wedding Planning Personalities - Reduce your partner's stress

What if you and your partner have vastly different Wedding Planning Personalities?
The process of wedding planning can bring out unfamiliar personality traits in you and your partner. As a wedding planner, I deal with lots of different personalities and sometimes find the wedding couple at odds. Below are some tips on how to reduce your partner's stress and make the planning process run smoothly when dealing with different Wedding Planning Personalities.

Reduce your partner's wedding planning stress

1. Identify your partner's Wedding Planning Personality here.
2. Read the section below their personality type to learn how to best work with them.

Help them enjoy. They may feel overwhelmed by tasks and concerned about how it will all come together on the big day, so make the planning fun and remind them that the most important thing is each other.

Give your input on decor, colors, and flowers. They are focused on the facts and figures, so help them imagine the pretty parts of the wedding.

Don't overwhelm. They have lots of ideas already, so be sure your input is constructive. Don't just say something to say something. The more ideas you give them, the more confused they will feel.

Make decisions. Help your partner see the good and bad sides of each decision and give your opinion. Leaving all the decisions up to them will only stress them out. 

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